You'll taste the sweet difference~!

How We Got Started!

Scene 1:  Two retirement age seniors are sitting around lamenting the fact that although our bodies say “no”, our minds and enthusiasm for life continues to say “yes!”  The Golden Years signify something different to everyone, but to us it means that it’s time to be free to explore, travel, and laugh.

Scene 2:  Two retirement age seniors discussing these dreams and hopes and how to bring them into fruition.  Alas, no pensions for either or outside earning power in our youth based culture.   What to do….

Scene 3:  One of the retirement age seniors had an epiphany.  We are nutrition oriented people who strive to eat healthy in order to stay away from the prescription medication genre that stigmatizes most Seniors.  Well, what about a simple nutritious protein bar with no more than 3 raw organic healthy ingredients?  We made a vow to create a product with nothing but the best organic foods we could find...

Scene 4:  Fast forward to February 2014.  PeaceFuel Nutrition LLC was created!  Is the best yet to come after all?

During the process of developing our upcoming organic hemp seed protein bar, we taste-tested the 3 ingredients we planned to use. The most important glue to hold our protein bar together not only literally but with richness and taste, was raw honey.  And because of the growing consumer awareness of the health benefits of the use of raw unfiltered honey, we decided to focus our energy on this alone for a jump start into the food industry.  

We then visited several apiaries in our regional area for some valuable taste-testing.

Of all the raw wildflower honeys that we experienced, the particular one that we are introducing here and in local stores – our raw wildflower honey - was found to be beyond comparison above all others. In conducting blind taste-testing among other participants, we found this raw wildflower honey to win hands down!  We love it soo much that raw honey has become our main and only focus.

We now supply our delicious 100% pure usA raw wildflower honey to numerous grocery and health food stores in Mother Nature's botanical apiary zone of NY, NJ, and PA.

The best IS yet to come for us senior folks!  

Whether you're seasoned with life experience like us - or enthusiastically young - never say never and keep moving toward your dreams!